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Surprise Your Senses Naturally!
Plantasens ingredients enrich your cosmetic formulations with the power of nature. From plant-based actives and multi-functional emulsifiers to a broad selection of emollients (vegetables oils, butters, waxes and alternatives to silicone, lanolin and petrolatum), the Plantasens product range focuses on natural solutions with a high sensorial impact.

The Plantasens product range has been incorporated
from the recent acquisition of CRM International.

The benefits are:
  • Exceptional sensory effects
  • Highly stable ingredients
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Ecocert® approved
  • High quality sources
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Product Brochure
Abyssinian Oil
Native to the sunny windswept African highlands, this inspiring natural oil illuminates hair and nourishes skin without a greasy after feel.
Natural Emulsifiers
Next-generation, green emulsifiers designed to combine high-performance with a consumer driven sensory experience.
Nipaguard® Zero
Preserve with Confidence. Innovative alternatives to parabens. Four different safe and highly efficient blends with comparable cost and effectiveness.
Aristoflex® Velvet
AristoflexA super-smooth, velvety skin feel and a true sensorial solution: Aristoflex® Velvet is the ultimate answer to the trend towards luxury.
PerlogenCreate the sparkle in your Formulation – with Perlogen® pearlizing concentrates for rinse-off products.
Genagen® SC
GenagenNo need to heat – the ready-to-use-cocamide Genagen® SC blends.